"For the past five months, I have been training twice a week with James Cappola.  James is an excellent personal trainer.  I like to think of my personal training time as an intensive physical therapy work out in that James is well versed in the body's range of motion, strengths, and targeted exercises to ensure every session focuses on the exact goals we discussed when I started working with him.  James is always happy to answer any questions I have regarding HOW to best obtain the results I am looking for in addition to addressing WHY we do exercises a certain way.  Every set ends with the same question, "where'd you feel that?"  If the wrong muscles are activated or are starting to feel sore, James immediately corrects the issue and we try again.  He is not afraid to focus on the details.  James has also been a great resource for general diet advice.  As an endurance athlete with a high metabolism I have always eaten on a 3 hour regular schedule; however, despite healthy eating James made several simple recommendations to my food intake, all of which have paid dividends in my recovery and rebuilding after every work out.

If you are looking for a trainer, I highly recommend James.  

Bradley C.

  "I trained with James Cappola for about a year  and he was excellent.  Very professional, always on time, comes to sessions with a clear plan in mind depending on your workout goals, and stays in contact with you throughout the week to keep you motivated. If you want to train, I highly recommend booking a session with James."

Kyle A.

"The fact that my back is no longer in chronic pain is remarkable. You have proven to be a good fit for me. You have guided me back to fitness in a healthy manner. You rock James! I trust your guidance and am not impatient with the process. Trust me if that ever happens, I'll be direct! ;)"

Kathleen G

"I worked with a trainer James C. for about 5 months - and he was great. From the beginning he asked me what I wanted to accomplish and catered our sessions to what I wanted to do and learn. He explained everything in detail and would research concepts and exercises if he wasn't familiar and then would come back and show/explain to me after he understood/tried it himself.  

If you are at  looking for a trainer definitely look for James C."

Drew  A.

"If you are looking for a personal trainer, definitely ask for James Cappola. Not only does he gear your workout session to total body fitness, he is also available to help you with figuring out with what to eat. James got me back in shape and motivated, again."

Despinia C.